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Farewell Picnic and Field Day to honor
Mary-Lou Ogden,
Saturday, May 30, 10 am to 2 pm 
Please join us in celebrating Mary-Lou's wonderful contribution to KMS. She has given us 25 years of
teaching, singing, laughing and learning that has made a difference for hundreds of children and their families!

10:00 Arrival and Classroom visits
10:30 Fun Run/Walk
11:00 A few words to honor Mary-Lou 
11:30 Picnic Lunch
12:15 Fun and Games, including
Bubble making, face painting, guided trail walk, bow drill making, debris hut building, adventure games
and much more!

Message from Mary-Lou

Dear Friends,

With my retirement approaching, folks often ask how I'm feeling and whether it was a hard decision to make. The short answer is always an emphatic yes! The long answer - the proverbial rest of the story - is that I find myself in a place of reflection and appreciation for the gifts that KMS has brought to my life. The greatest of these gifts has been the privilege and distinct pleasure of sharing the precious years of early childhood with so many children and their families, many of whom generously donated their time and talents to the school.

After twenty-five years in the classroom, I remain steadfastly in awe of Dr. Montessori and the effectiveness of her methods and materials. They have given me the gifts of inspiration, a classroom full of incredible tools for learning, and a beautiful environment in which to share them. I have been given the gift of perpetual of learning. Birds, trees, wildflowers, rocks and minerals - the list is unending. My knowledge and sense of wonder in the natural world have grown exponentially along with the children's! Let's not forget the geography and cultural studies, and then of course the music. I will sorely miss the gift of sharing music every day and the joy of watching the children grow to love a song. I know they carry those songs in their hearts (even when they don't remember all the words).

On a more personal note, KMS has given me the gift of community - community that evolves continuously, while the core elements of caring, sharing, and commitment have remained constant. It has been a source of strength, peace, and even laughter through those inevitable times of loss and sadness in one's life. The list could continue, but I have a request.

I invite you to join me in my period of reflection, however briefly, and consider the gifts that your connection with KMS may have brought to your family. My hope is to leave the school with something that will help to preserve and enrich all those wonderful gifts KMS has to offer while honoring the school's commitment to keeping tuition costs as low as possible.

It has been my long-held wish to help establish a sustainable KMS annual fund, which may start small but will continue to grow over time with the help of families willing to make an ongoing annual contribution, of any amount. If the countless success stories and words of thanks I've heard over the years are any indication, this can be accomplished. My husband suggested we help get things started with a gift of our own. Won't you please consider contributing to the cause as well? Thank you in advance for your help, thank you for choosing KMS for your child(ren), and thank you for being a part of my journey.

Warmest Regards,

Mary-Lou Ogden


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