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The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit. - Maria Montessori

Our teachers love and appreciate children as unique beings who are working to discover the world and their place in it through their daily activities. All of our Head teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society, and several have advanced degrees in Education. Together they offer more than a hundred years of experience and a collective devotion to teaching young children.  

Current Positions Available:

Assistant Primary Teacher


Primary 1
Julie Shores, Head Teacher and Maureen Vashon, Assistant


Primary 2
Mary-Lou Ogden (right), Head Teacher and Tabitha Violette (left), Assistant


Primary 3
Katie Gilley, Head Teacher and Shasta Pelotte, Assistant Teacher


Laura Renick-Butera, Margi Browne, and Susan Holmes


Office Assistant
Nadya Plante


Before and Aftercare Program
Angie Gimond and Beth Preston


Special Teachers

Holly Hubbard

Cynthia McGuire


Tiffany Glidden

KMS School Calendar

KMS is filled with wonderful caring teachers and staff who are dedicated to making the classroom and learning experience as positive, exciting and fulfilling for the children as possible.
Kara Kugelmeyer

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