Mindfulness for children

One of the most important things our children learn at school is how to concentrate. But with so much stimulation in today’s world, there’s a growing awareness that many people are unaware for large parts of the time. That’s the Mindfulness movement in a nutshell.  This year, our Elementary children are receiving training on Mindfulness once a month to help them tune in to what is going on in their minds and bodies. Here is a short guided meditation, written by two of our students (edited for spelling).

Lay down comfortably on your mat; let your worries drip into the floor and we’ll start our trip by turning on the movie screen in your mind. Imagine you are walking in a field of clovers. You see a sign, it says, Love your body. You wonder, how to love your body. Then you hear the sign say, Do what I say! It says, tell your arms I love you, arms and same to all your body parts. I love you, body! Now, wiggle your toes and fingers, now slowly open your eyes and slowly sit up.

A mindful, Montessori moment, brought to you by KMS Elementary.