Pinwheels for Peace

We celebrated International Peace Day today by gathering around our peace pole and singing songs of peace and harmony (literally!)

Our peace pole is inscribed with the phrase “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” in 12 languages, as a reminder of our connections to people (and animals) all over the world. Along with thousands of other Montessori children around the world, all singing in their own time zones, we sunIMG_3485g “Light a Candle for Peace,” at 11:00 helping it to ripple across the planet.

The children also planted pinwheels for peace. Decorated with their drawings and thoughts about peace, these pinwheels are spinning hope for a more peaceful world.

Here are some of their thoughts on peace:

The school is peaceful because we all work together. Peace tastes like pumpkin pie. Peace is Respect, not Wars.

We respect all people no matter what color they are. I think peace is a stream. Peace feels like a warm blanket.

The school is peaceful because everybody can do what work they want to when they want to.

Peace smells like the library with all the books. Peace feels like my dog.