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Tabitha LaChance, Head Teacher
As the mother of a teenage boy whom had attended KMS, Tabitha has experienced the importance of the Montessori education and the love for learning. She began her journey in education receiving an associate’s degree in Biotechnology. While working in the Bioscience field she soon realized it did not suit her. While moving on to pursue a BA in Biology, she also began working as an Assistant Teacher, here at KMS, in 2005. It was that position that led her to switch gears and complete a BA in Early Childhood Education at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. She also earned an AMS primary credential during her 10 years as assistant to Mary Lou Ogden. Having seen firsthand the value of the Montessori education for her child, she feels privileged to continue this work in her current role as Head Teacher to provide a solid foundation for continuous growth for other children.