Our Third-Year Experts

What do jellyfish and volcanoes have in common with the Maine State Legislature,  the Renaissance and the earliest humans?



They are all topics of great interest to our third-year Elementary students, who recently completed their yearlong studies. The “yearlong” study is a capstone experience for the Lower Elementary children in which they spend months researching interesting facts about their topics, putting their findings together in a report, completing a related project or activity, and presenting their report in front of their peers and parents.




What a great experience for a 9-year-old to explore a subject they love and then share it with their classmates. They learn how to dive deep into a subject in an age when so much information gathering is about skimming the surface. The experience of sharing their knowledge with the class is inspiring to others, and allows them to see themselves as experts on a subject they love.




KMS in 3D

Until recently, 3D printing was just a concept that sounded pretty futuristic. Then Holly Hubbard, our art teacher, mentioned that one of our parents had brought in a 3D printer. She showed me an example but I still could not wrap my head around how it was produced.

Once the machine started running, I began to have a better understanding of how it worked. Using 3D printing software, you either draw what you’d like to print or simply choose a predefined shape or object. Once programmed via websites like thingiverse.com and tinkercad.com, the machine then begins a 3D layering process using a filament material. There are at least two types of filament to use in this type of printing. The one we are using is the most common, Polylactic Acid (PLA), which is a biodegradable thermoplastic made from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane. Outside of 3D printing, it’s typically used in medical implants, food packaging, and disposable tableware.

Paint pallet for the ArtSpace

Holly has been sharing information with all the teachers and coming up with ideas for the whole school. Meanwhile, she has been practicing using the machine by making ArtSpace materials. Gotta love these little paint pallets using upcycled Altoid mint tins! The possibilities are endless….

A huge thank-you to KMS parent, Cory Harpell, for bringing a new dimension to KMS!

Open House 2018

We had a great turnout at our Open House, and Registration is now officially open for the                2018-19 school year.

The children loved exploring the classrooms, trying out materials, making art and going on a scavenger hunt. Some parents had trouble tearing their kids away from it all!


Our teaching staff is a big reason our school is such a success. Their patience, warmth and understanding make for such a positive and nurturing learning environment.

A big thank you to our current parents and students for welcoming our visitors with friendly faces and finger knitting!

If you missed our Open House, don’t worry, there is still time for a classroom observation. In fact we encourage all new parents to come and observe the classrooms in action. Call us today to schedule a visit, but don’t wait too long to complete your application. Spots are filling up fast! To get started, visit our Admissions page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have: 453-6055. We look forward to hearing from you!