Pinwheels for Peace

We celebrated International Peace Day today by gathering around our peace pole and singing songs of peace and harmony (literally!)

Our peace pole is inscribed with the phrase “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” in 12 languages, as a reminder of our connections to people (and animals) all over the world. Along with thousands of other Montessori children around the world, all singing in their own time zones, we sunIMG_3485g “Light a Candle for Peace,” at 11:00 helping it to ripple across the planet.

The children also planted pinwheels for peace. Decorated with their drawings and thoughts about peace, these pinwheels are spinning hope for a more peaceful world.

Here are some of their thoughts on peace:

The school is peaceful because we all work together. Peace tastes like pumpkin pie. Peace is Respect, not Wars.

We respect all people no matter what color they are. I think peace is a stream. Peace feels like a warm blanket.

The school is peaceful because everybody can do what work they want to when they want to.

Peace smells like the library with all the books. Peace feels like my dog.


Spring chickens!

It was a week of excitement for children and adults alike as we welcomed 10 chicks into our school! The children got up close and personal as they watched these new lives emerge from their eggs and begin their two-legged lives.


Viva la musica!

SpringmusicMusic is such a special part of KMS, and I love to hear singing wafting from the classrooms at the beginning or end (or middle!) of the day. Last night, the children presented a delightful concert of songs from around the world, taking us to France, Morocco, Ireland, New Zealand, Ghana, Japan, Israel and Uruguay. In addition to all the things music offers, it’s a wonderful gateway to appreciating cultural diversity, and getting a taste of another language. Group singing develops many important skills, including attention, self-control, and teamwork, especially when singing in harmony! Learning an instrument requires continued effort and repetition that is at the core of so many Montessori activities, and it also leads to the joy of mastery.  Recently, I’ve noticed that many of our graduates are pursuing careers in music–as performers, scholars, teachers and composers–and I can’t help but wonder if this early exposure hooked them on the joys of musical expression. Although we so often hear that music boosts test scores and academic success in the “core” subjects, early exposure to music also leads to improved success in …. music! We are grateful to our music teacher, Cynthia McGuire, for keeping music alive and well at KMS. Thank you to all the children for putting themselves out there and teaching us how to sing!

If you’d like to keep singing….

El mundo no pesa nada

I’d like to teach the world to sing

I’se the b’y

Epo i tai tai e

Open House a huge success!

Our Open House was a huge success. We welcomed approximately 20 new families to the school, as well as our new Upper Elementary teacher, Amy Murphy–welcome, Amy!  Our inaugural Upper El class currently has four students enrolled, with several more anticipated–we are on our way! Our Lower Elementary class has 24 students enrolled. Spaces in our Primary classrooms are filling up too, so thank you, current parents, for getting your paperwork in on time.

From left to right, Rebecca Green, Head of School, Amy Murphy, Upper El teacher, Elizabeth Hoffman, Lower E teacher, Pamela Thompson, Board Chair

From left to right, Rebecca Green, Head of School, Amy Murphy, Upper El teacher, Elizabeth Hoffman, Lower El teacher, Pamela Thompson, Board Chair

A huge thanks to all of our Parent Representatives, who were so welcoming, and to their children who patiently modelled lessons to the next generation.IMG_6728

Welcome to our new Home!

Thanks to the technical savvy of parent volunteer, John Watkins, we have a new virtual home on the Web.

The new site will be much more responsive, allowing for regular updates of photos, blogs, links, and information on what’s happening at KMS. You can still download forms and visit the volunteer center from this page. Click the calendar icon for a complete listing of events. Contact Board members directly from the Home page. Share what you love about KMS by posting a testimonial on the Community page, even make a donation online!

Please enjoy the new site and let us know what you think. As always, we value your feedback and hope you will visit often.

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Mindfulness for children

One of the most important things our children learn at school is how to concentrate. But with so much stimulation in today’s world, there’s a growing awareness that many people are unaware for large parts of the time. That’s the Mindfulness movement in a nutshell.  This year, our Elementary children are receiving training on Mindfulness once a month to help them tune in to what is going on in their minds and bodies. Here is a short guided meditation, written by two of our students (edited for spelling).

Lay down comfortably on your mat; let your worries drip into the floor and we’ll start our trip by turning on the movie screen in your mind. Imagine you are walking in a field of clovers. You see a sign, it says, Love your body. You wonder, how to love your body. Then you hear the sign say, Do what I say! It says, tell your arms I love you, arms and same to all your body parts. I love you, body! Now, wiggle your toes and fingers, now slowly open your eyes and slowly sit up.

A mindful, Montessori moment, brought to you by KMS Elementary.