Viva la musica!

SpringmusicMusic is such a special part of KMS, and I love to hear singing wafting from the classrooms at the beginning or end (or middle!) of the day. Last night, the children presented a delightful concert of songs from around the world, taking us to France, Morocco, Ireland, New Zealand, Ghana, Japan, Israel and Uruguay. In addition to all the things music offers, it’s a wonderful gateway to appreciating cultural diversity, and getting a taste of another language. Group singing develops many important skills, including attention, self-control, and teamwork, especially when singing in harmony! Learning an instrument requires continued effort and repetition that is at the core of so many Montessori activities, and it also leads to the joy of mastery.  Recently, I’ve noticed that many of our graduates are pursuing careers in music–as performers, scholars, teachers and composers–and I can’t help but wonder if this early exposure hooked them on the joys of musical expression. Although we so often hear that music boosts test scores and academic success in the “core” subjects, early exposure to music also leads to improved success in …. music! We are grateful to our music teacher, Cynthia McGuire, for keeping music alive and well at KMS. Thank you to all the children for putting themselves out there and teaching us how to sing!

If you’d like to keep singing….

El mundo no pesa nada

I’d like to teach the world to sing

I’se the b’y

Epo i tai tai e